Do you have problems trying to store stemmed glasses safely in your motorhome? Wine glasses that are actually made of glass are so much more satisfying to use than plastic, and it’s worth finding a way to secure them in your crockery cupboard. 

The Problem

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a glass of your favourite tipple when you pull up at a new campsite, but having real glass rattling around in the ‘van as you drive along can be problematic. Not only will the rattling be a distraction when on the road, but chances are that the glasses won’t make it to the campsite in one piece.

The Solution

A simple solution is to store them in a way that won’t allow them to hit other objects, without having to spend time wrapping and unwrapping newspaper stuffing or towels. Keep your glasses steadfastly in position in a wine glass rack that you can easily make yourself in just a few minutes. 

What you’ll need

All you need for this simple project is:

  • a short offcut of 22mm to 25mm aluminium or plastic angle
  • a small offcut of vinyl flooring
  • impact adhesive
  • 3 small screws

Set out the glasses upside down in a row, with about 5mm between each glass and 15mm – 20mm at each end. Slide the angle in behind the stems to check it is a suitable width. 

Next, measure the length of holder that will be required at the height of the stems, and cut the angle to length with a hacksaw. 

Mart out the vinyl flooring offcut to the length of the angle and twice the width required to retain the glassware (it will be folded double). 

Apply impact adhesive to the back of the vinyl and both sides of one leg of the angle. 

Leave until almost dry, fit the vinyl into the 90-degree inside angle, then fold the rest of the vinyl until it is level with the back edge. Press into place to close the glue bond. 

Stand the assembly on two cups of the correct height, and place the glasses in their final position in front. Use a felt pen to mark where the slots need to be cut in the vinyl. 

These slots should be roughly the same width as the stems at the chosen height, and deep enough to allow the glasses to be pushed back into place.

Using a craft knife, cut out the slots, then check the assembly in place on the bench. Drill three fixing holes in the exposed angle and use short screws to attach it to the cupboard back.