When we’re staying at a motorhome site in the ’van, I have been asked on more than one occasion by campsite neighbours, “Does your Alde control panel disturb you in the night? Ours does, it’s so bright.” The honest answer to that is no, it doesn’t. But I know what people mean. 

The layouts that we’ve had with Alde heating haven’t meant that we faced the control panel from the bed, although the bright screen can emit quite a glow. Left as it is, I can quite see how that might cause a disturbed night, especially if you do face the control panel from the bed. 

Luckily, there is an answer to this problem. One of the features of the clever Alde system is screen inversion, where rather than having black icons and text on a white background, you can have white icons and text on a black background. You can even have it with the screen totally dark, in which case, a light touch anywhere on the screen will wake it up for about 30 seconds.

Here is my step-by-step guide on how to do this – and of course, should you want to revert to the white screen at any time, the procedure will be just the same. Alternatively, head over to my guide on how to invert the screen of an Alde 3030 control panel too, if you don’t have a 3020 system.

Switching from white to black: how to invert an Alde control panel screen

Starting with the 3020’s Home screen, press the Menu button (bottom right), then the Settings icon (bottom right).

Note that your panel might not display all of the icons that ours does, because we’ve added a Flow pre-heater and an exterior temperature sensor. Both of these are available as cost options, the Flow being an Alde fit, and the temperature sensor, a simple DIY addition.

On page 1 of 4 (the first screen after touching the Settings icon), the icon you can see at the bottom left is the one to alter the screen display. Touch that and the next screen allows you to make various choices. 

For the Standby Screen, you can select Bright, with the option just below that button to adjust the brightness slightly. This does make a little difference to the appearance of the screen, and is the only one that can be adjusted. 

Touching the Right or Left arrow takes you through the choices of Bright, Invert or Dark. 

Select Invert and then press the Menu button (bottom right) twice, which will take you back to the Home screen, but as described above, the colour scheme will now be reversed.

Should you ever wish to turn off the screen completely, repeat the above process, but select Dark. When you press the Menu button twice to return to the Home screen this time, the screen will be inverted for a few seconds before going off. However, you can always check the system is still operating, by one of two methods. 

First, the green LED on the main On/Off button (bottom left) will be lit – if the system is switched off, the LED will not be displayed. Second, simply touch the screen. The inverted Home screen will then be displayed for about 30 seconds.

You can switch the display to Invert or Bright at any time, by repeating the process. It’s easy when you know how, and now, enjoy the darkness and a good night’s sleep! If only there was a way to turn off the bright blue LEDs on the fridge… 

1. Start at the Home screen.

Alde Control Panel home screen
Start at the Home screen

2. Press the Menu button.

Pressing menu button
Press the Menu button

3. Touch the Settings icon.

Pressing Settings icon
Touch the Settings icon

4. Touch the Screen icon.

Pressing Screen icon
Touch the Screen icon

5. The Standby Screen options.

Standby Screen options
The Standby Screen options

6. Touch the Right or Left arrow to change to Invert.

Pressing right or left arrow to Invert
Touch the Right or Left arrow to change to Invert

7. Press the Menu button to return to the Home screen.

Pressing menu button for Home screen
Press the Menu button to return to the Home screen

8. The inverted Home screen.

The inverted Home screen
The inverted Home screen

9. Repeat these steps to select the Dark screen.

Repeating the steps
Repeat these steps to select the Dark screen

10. The Dark Home screen.

The Dark Home screen
The Dark Home screen

11. Check that the green LED is on.

Checking green LED is on
Check that the green LED is on

12. Touch the screen anywhere to show Invert display.

The Inverted display
Touch the screen anywhere to show Invert display

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