Motorhome manufacturers don’t seem inclined to fit much in the way of coat hooks these days, but in a way, this is a good thing, because you can add your own choice of hook, and put it exactly where you want.

It is perhaps tempting to purchase domestic coat hooks for your ‘van at the local DIY shop, but these are likley to be quite bulky and not in keeping with the vehicle’s fittings.

My own preference is for stainless steel fender eyes, which I buy from a marine chandler, such as Gael Force Marine Equipment. These cost only £1.53 for a well-finished stainless steel hook.

You will need appropriate stainless countersunk screws of a suitable length for the thickness of your fixing places. Try the screws in the hooks and, if necessary, you can use a large-diameter drill to widen the countersunk recess in the hook until the screws fit flush.

Start by working your way around the motorhome, putting small ‘flags’ of insulating tape where you think the hooks could go, until you are happy with your choices.

Wide masking tape is very useful for marking out the hook screw holes and has the added advantage of preventing the drill from skating over the surface.

Now you are ready to make some small pilot holes in the woodwork to improve screw grip. However, when doing this, do be careful if you are drilling a hard, brittle material, such as Perspex or Formica, which will require good clearance holes through their thickness to avoid the risk of cracking, then some pilot holes in the substrate.