Our 10-step guide will help you find the best policy for all your motorcaravanning adventures.


1. The cheapest cover isn’t necessarily the right one for you; the key is to find the best value policy for how you use your motorhome.


2. Comprehensive insurance is a must – a motorhome isn’t like a family hatchback, so a regular car policy won’t do. A scrape from an overhanging branch to a GRP or aluminium sidewall can cost a lot to put right if you’ve decided to save money and opt for a third- party policy.

Make sure you check that your policy covers accidental damage, including that from storm and flood, and that it offers new for old cover, especially if your ’van is less than three years old. “Look to protect your No Claims Discount if the insurer offers this facility,” says Stuart Craig of Shield Total Insurance.


3. Check the small print – ask about limits on the policyholder’s age, and the amount of time they’ve held a licence. Are there limitations on how you use your motorhome (eg, for transport to work) and how many miles you can cover each year? Ask about discounts for reduced mileage.


4. Look hard at any breakdown cover included with your policy. Are there limits on the size of vehicle? Are you covered abroad? Will you be recovered to home or a garage, and can you continue your tour?


5. Check that your motorhome’s contents are covered, and to what value. “Make special mention of any audio/visual equipment,  satellite systems and computers,” says Craig.


6. Cut the costs – you may find you pay a lower premium if you book online. Be aware that online discounts are not always genuine; you may just be paying a higher rate in the first place.

Also, ask about discounts for fitting extra security features, storing the motorhome in a secure location and volunteering to pay a higher excess.


7. If you’re going abroad, check the policy covers you for long enough, but only pay for what you think you’ll need. Check which countries you’re covered in.


8. Have the following details to hand before phoning around for quotes:

  • The basics (full name, address, phone number, email address)
  • How long you’ve had your UK licence
  • Your annual mileage
  • How long you plan to spend touring abroad each year
  • Details of any claims or convictions in the last five years
  • Details of any no-claims bonuses on existing policies
  • Details of who will drive the vehicle and their ages
  • Details of the motorhome (make, model, class, engine size, value, year of manufacture, date of purchase)
  • Details of where the vehicle will be stored when not in use
  • List of contents in the motorhome (the total worth, plus maximum worth of individual items).


9. Ask about the claims process. Will the firm fill out a claims form for you? Is there a toll-free number from home and abroad? Are the sales and claims teams UK-based?


10. Find out if you can bundle health, travel and pet insurance in with your motorhome insurance. “Very few companies can do this, but deals may be available if you take out more than one policy,” says Craig.


Insurance directory
[tl:gallery index=1 size=216×129]In any issue of Practical Motorhome you’ll find up to 30 insurance companies – most of them brokers. But who underwrites the policy? Check the name of the underwriter – if it’s well-known, you’re on a safe bet.


Sureterm Direct
Tel 0800 999 2030


Caravan Guard
Tel 0845 277 7070


Coversure Insurance
Tel 0800 308 1000


Comfort Insurance
Tel 0845 602 0281 


Caravan Wise
Tel 0800 328 2084


Tel 0800 096 4553


Shield Total Insurance
Tel 0844 847 4474


Club Care Insurance
Tel 0844 770 4620


Scenic Insurance
Tel 0800 9544724


Caravan Club
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