BT Broadband subscribers get free and unlimited roaming Wi-Fi access via its commercial Openzone and residential FON hotspots, and while it’s relatively easy to make a connection with a smartphone, BT’s free Hotspot Finder app is reckoned to make it even easier.

The app has been available for a while, but the new 2.2 version now adds support for the Apple iPad, making it ideal for owners who didn’t cough up the extra cash for a model with built-in 3G.

BT Hotspot Finder runs on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices and, once installed, will display the nearest BT Openzone or FON hotspot on map, even if you’re currently out of Wi-Fi range — there are some 2 million scattered across the UK, according to BT.

You’ll need to provide your BT internet email address and password the first time you use the app, and you’ll still need to manually select the appropriate Openzone or FON network in the smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings, so this isn’t a completely fool-proof solution to Wi-Fi roaming. Still, it does make finding a free hotspot as easy as can be for BT Broadband subscribers.

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