If you’re a heavy Gmail email user, its recently introduced ‘Priority Inbox’ feature is an easy way to make managing an overflowing inbox a little easier. In short, the feature can automatically identify which new messages deserve special attention, based on the time you’ve spent reading similar ones in the past and which messages you tend to reply too. These messages are then filtered from the main inbox and marked as ‘important’ — it’s a bit like a spam filter in reverse.

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So far, the Priority Inbox feature was only available in the desktop version of Gmail and that on Android smartphones, but Google has now rolled it out to the mobile version of service that can be access from any smartphone.

To use it, you just need to go into the Settings page for Gmail using a desktop web browser, select the Priority Inbox tab and make the necessary changes. The same settings will then apply when you access Gmail via www.gmail.com using a smartphone web browser.

[Gmail Priority Inbox for mobile]