Here we pick out the best motorhome covers. Putting a cover on your motorhome should certainly protect it when it is in storage or parked on your drive from for the winter. Protect it from the harsh winter climate that could make the exterior age more quickly, and protect it from bird droppings, which, because they are sometimes hard to see, can start to corrode the outside before you notice them and wipe them away. A cover could also prevent any bugs sneaking into your van and causing a nuisance.

Best motorhome covers

Kampa motorhome cover

This cover is made of three layers – an outer layer designed to reflect the sun’s UV rays, a middle layer with a micropore breathable film to allow water vapour to escape but prevent water getting in from outside, and an inner layer that rests on the motorhome made of a soft fabric to prevent scratches. The cover can fit any motorhome up to 2.50m wide and 2.46m high (which means it might not be suitable for some larger A-classes and overcabs). There are four zip openings to make it easier for you to put the cover on, or to access the vehicle while it is in storage if you need to, and sewn in quick release buckles to make it easy to remove again.

RRP From £180

Specialised motorhome cover

They may seem expensive, but Specialised motorhome covers can be tailored to fit your motorhome exactly, so you don’t have to worry about fabric flapping around in the wind and potentially damaging your pride and joy. Provided you supply the right measurements the company can also design in zippable openings for your habitation door and perspex covers for your solar panel, so you could keep the battery charged even while the motorhome is in storage. In a choice of three colours – green, grey or blue – the breathable and waterproof fabric comes with a non-scratch backing so it shouldn’t damage the outside. The covers are all NCC-verified and are made in the company’s Yorkshire factory. It reopened on 26 May, and although it has a reduced staff, lead times on product orders are currently only six weeks.

RRP from £399

Maypole motorhome cover

Maypole’s covers are made with 4-ply polypropylene fabric that is UV-stable, non-abrasive and has a hydrostatic head of 1000mm. That is lower than many awnings you will come across, so the fabric is technically water resistant, rather than water proof, but that does mean that it is breathable. The covers come with an elasticated hem for an easy fit, and four zips that are designed to provide easy access. They are available in six different sizes: up to 5.7m long, 5.7m to 6m long, 6.1m to 6.5m long, 6.5m to 7m long, 7m to 7.5m long and 7.5m to 8m long. Overcab motorhome owners are recommended to go for the next size up to take account of the overcab.

RRP from £205

Explorer motorhome cover

Made of 5-ply polypropylene that has been produced in a rounded rectangular bonding pattern to reduce stress and tears, Explorer covers are UV-stable and water-resistant. They come with elasticated hems, strong nylon adjustable straps to make a firme fit, and four zips for easy entry. You also get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. They are available in seven different sizes, for motorhomes ranging in length from 5.3m to 8.5m.

RRP £229.95

Fiamma Cover Top

Made with heavy-duty vinyl that is UV resistant, this top protects your motorhome from the effects of dirt and sun but doesn’t cover it completely. It has reinforced corners and tie-down grommets, although you will have to buy the elasticated cords these are designed for separately. It comes in one size only, measuring 8.5m by 5.2m.

RRP £105.26

Fiamma Premium Cover

The Fiamma cover is made of a breathable fabric that is UV-resistant. It comes with four plastic buckles that can be locked to fix the lower part of the cover, and Velcro to hold back the side panels when you open them with one of the six zips included in here. There are vents to prevent condensation and any build up of water under the canopy. Reflective strips also make the motorhome more visible when it is covered up. The cover comes in two sizes – M for motorhomes up to 7.1m long, and L for motorhomes up to 8m long.

RRP from £288


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