Whether you’re looking for a family motorhome to tour in or want a van that you can host in, a 4 berth is an ideal model to consider.

There are plenty of great options on the market, so to help you identify the right motorhome for you, we’re taking a look at a couple of models from two of the best motorhome brands out there: the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL and the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88.

These are two motorhomes that, between them, won three categories at the Practical Motorhome Awards 2022, and both made it onto our round-up of the best motorhome for 2022. So, how do they compare? We take a look…

The basic spec

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL

The Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL

Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

The Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88
  • Awarded: Best 4 berth motorhome
  • Price: £106,801
  • Berths: 4
  • MTPLM: 5000kg
  • MiRO: 4000kg
  • Shipping length: 8.79m
  • Width: 2.35m

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Design

Light is certainly not going to be an issue in the 670 SL, thanks to the new front profile that includes a large sunroof. This is a very welcome inclusion – a drop-down bed can lead to a dingy interior but that certainly isn’t the case here.

With a shipping length of 7.48m, the overall height of the van has been raised by a total of 7cm too, meaning you’ll need to use the roll-out step when getting in.

There’s also a double floor now running the length of the cab to the rear panels, which houses the fresh-water tank. This has also been expanded to now hold 115-litres, a very useful addition.

With a shipping length of 8.79m, the GF 88 is over a metre longer than the Adria model. The A-class Auto-Trail motorhome is sure to provide your touring experience with a helping of understated style, with a primarily white exterior complemented by a tinted windscreen and decal that goes around the side.

However, our favourite design element is the fact that you can get into the driver’s seat by using the driver’s door on the ‘correct’ side – this is something you don’t often see in Continental vehicles and is certainly something that we appreciate.

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Lounge

A sleek front lounge is on offer in the 670 SL, complete with L-shaped dinette seat and side sofa. The choice of colour for the upholstery – it’s a very stylish blue-grey with darker wood – is nicely complemented by design touches, such as the locker doors and surfaces in white.

Don’t worry about headroom either – the drop-down bed fits nicely into the ceiling.

The lounge of the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL
There’s plenty of headspace in the lounge area of the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL

A big lounge is found in the GF 88. Plenty of light floods in, thanks to a Heki and big windows – when it gets darker, ambience is provided by four spotlights and strip lighting.

It’s a welcoming and comfortable area to relax in. There is space for stretching out in on the nearside settee, while you’ll find a table, otherwise stored by the fridge, that can seat four without a problem.

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Kitchen

The 670 SL has plenty of useful features for cooking up a treat. The side-kitchen is a well-lit area that comes with a three-burner inline hob and a Duplex combined oven and grill, as well as a rectangular sink. You do have to make do without a microwave but a 142-litre fridge should help meet the requirements of family life.

One of our favourite features of the GF 88 is found in the motorhome’s kitchen. In here, you’ll find a work surface that has such a convincing slate appearance that you’re likely to do a double-take, even though it’s actually compact laminate.

The kitchen area in the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88
The work top has a very convincing slate appearance in the Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

You’ll also find a sink and four-burner dual-fuel hob, along with an oven and grill. A 171-litre fridge with separate freezer and a microwave finish off the kitchen.

One point to notice in the kitchen is the headrest – this cuts you off from the lounge, so you could feel a bit enclosed.

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Washroom

While you get a sizeable shower on the offside of the 670 SL, it’s worth noting that the split central washroom means the toilet is located on the same side as the awning. What this means is you’re most likely going to need to access the toilet’s hatch from within the awning area.

In the GF 88, you’ll find the toilet and shower are behind partitions. The toilet also comes with a large handbasin but is again on the awning side, as is the exterior locker door. You’ll find the shower on the other side, with good headroom provided.

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Sleeping

The drop-down bed found in the 670 SL combines size and comfort. When it’s not in use, you will still have decent headroom in the lounge, while the fixed single beds in the bedroom are now 2m long.

The drop down bed in the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL
The drop down bed in the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL fits snugly into the ceiling when not in use

It’s worth noting the GF 88’s island bed doesn’t roll back to make a day-bed. Despite this, the area is well lit, thanks to a rooflight and LEDs. The drop-down bed is also comfortable – spotlights provide useful lighting too.

The island bed in the Auto Trail Grand Frontier GF 88
The island bed in the Auto Trail Grand Frontier GF 88

Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL vs Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88 – Storage

The 670 SL has good storage – the garage alone could easily hold bikes, and also includes some useful shelving. The kitchen has three large drawers, while handle-free lockers are on offer in the bedroom and lounge.

A feature we really like in this Adria model is the external cubbyhole that’s found near the habitation door. This is very useful spot for storing items like the hook-up cable, allowing you to quickly set up camp after arriving at your location.

The garage of the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL
The garage of the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL

The GF 88 has good storage throughout as well. Four overhead lockers can be found in the lounge alone, while the bedroom has two wardrobes and drawers. You’ll also find shelving in the kitchen and washroom, while exterior storage is good. The garage is possibly a fraction too small for a bike to stand up in but is lit.

The two brands

Both Adria and Auto-Trail are two well-known and respected brands in the UK market.

At our Owner Satisfaction Awards, the Slovenian brand was the winner of the best manufacturer: new motorhomes category, securing a highly impressive score of 90.9%.

Auto-Trail is another popular manufacturer, as seen by the British brand’s score of 86.3% in the same category.

You can find out more about both by reading our guide to the best motorhome manufacturers.


Ultimately, you’re sure to have an enjoyable tour in either one of these motorhomes, as you might expect from two winners at the Practical Motorhome Awards. Perhaps a consideration here will be whether you’re using the vehicle as a base to explore or plan to entertain. If the latter, the huge lounge and extra length of the GF 88 could be the deciding factor. In comparison, our reviewer of the Matrix 670 said: “if you use your motorhome more to explore than to entertain, this is certainly one that’s well worth a look.”

One thing is guaranteed with both of these motorhomes though – you’re certain to have a stylish base for some enjoyable tours.

You can see our full reviews of the Adria Matrix Supreme 670 SL and Auto-Trail Grand Frontier GF 88.

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