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I’ve just returned from a fabulous tour of the Isle of Man, in an Autocruise Accent, for the Grand Tour in our January 2011 issue. The people, sights and scenery were all wonderful, but the most refreshing thing that I found was the sheer lack of parking restrictions for those in motorhomes.


The island is a crown dependency – it’s not part of the UK or the EU – and has its own laws; the best news for motorcaravanners is that wild camping is allowed, and there are hundreds of scenic spots at which you can pitch up overnight. You can park on part of the curving expanse of Douglas promenade free of charge for 24 hours; get a gratis permit from Ramsey town hall and you can stay on a beach-side stretch of grass. There are many more examples, too, which results in many happy motorcaravanners bringing lots of lovely income to the local community. UK government: please take note.


Sarah Wakely