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The 3 network has been named as the ‘best overall mobile broadband provider’ by broadband comparison web site Broadband Expert.


The accolade is the result of a survey the site that ran earlier this year in which 11,000 users rated their 3G mobile broadband providers for speed and satisfaction. 3 also came out on top for ‘best coverage’ and ‘best laptop bundle’, while Vodafone just scooped the ‘fastest mobile provider’ award with an average download speed a smidgeon faster than 3’s.


T-Mobile turned out to have the most satisfied customers, with its average score of 71% putting it ahead of 3’s 69% and Vodafone’s 68%.


Rob Webber, commercial director of Broadband Expert, said: “Although it was a close call between Vodafone, and 3 for the overall top spot, 3 scooped the Best Overall Mobile Broadband Award for offering value for money and delivering good all round performance in the key categories of speed, customer satisfaction and coverage. An honourable mention also goes to T-Mobile which has received the most positive customer feedback and is to be commended for it’s fair pricing policy regarding run-on rates (Exceeding Data Allowance).”


‘Run-on rates’ — how much money you’re charged for exceeding your allocated data allowance — are a bone of contention for 3G mobile broadband providers, particularly those who advertise “unlimited” deals. 3 doesn’t fare too badly, with a charge of 10p per extra megabyte (MB), while T-Mobile’s ‘fair use’ policy means you’re unlikely to pay anything for reasonable excess downloads. [Broadband Expert]

Julian Prokaza